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Introductory Offer –
First time buyers of any in-house SAH Training course will receive up to 10% discount of your booking.

Exclusive Offer – Save by booking SAH Training for the whole day. Any three, 2 hour courses; two, 3 hour courses or one 3 hour and one 2 hour course can be combined for discounts of up to 20%!


Our pricing is structured to maximise your training potential. All prices exclude VAT. No VAT will be charged.

We offer both in-house and open public courses. In-house courses will take place in a suitable learning environment at your place of business.

*FREE Annual Refresher course with every First Aid Requalification, First Aid at Work and Paediatric First Aid (2 day) booking. Terms apply.

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of course
Course Only
1-3 candidates4-6 candidates7-9 candidates10-12 candidatesPer Person
First Aid at Work*3 days£750£950£1250£1500£145
Emergency First Aid at Work1 day£295£450£595£750£95
First Aid Requalification*2 days£495£750£995£1200£125
Paediatric First Aid*2 days£495£750£995£1200£125
Emergency Paediatric First Aid1 day£295£450£595£750£95
Annual Refresher4 hours£195£250£375£450
Fire Marshall Training3 hours£175£225£250£275
Fire Marshall Training (with extinguisher practical)4 hours£205£295£345£395
Safe Moving and Handling3 hours£175£225£250£275
Dementia Awareness3 hours£175£225£250£275
SOVA Awareness3 hours£175£225£250£275
Mental Capacity Act & DOLS2 hours£150£200£225£250
Food Safety Awareness3 hours£175£225£250£275
Risk Assessment Awareness3 hours£175£225£250£275
Health & Safety Awareness2 hours£150£200£225£250
Infection Control Awareness2 hours£150£200£225£250
Equality & Diversity Awareness2 hours£150£200£225£250
Pressure Sore Awareness2 hours£150£200£225£250
Challenging Behaviour2 hours£150£200£225£250
Medication Awareness3 hours£175£225£250£275
Advanced Medication Awareness3 hours£175£225£250£275
Person Centred Care2 hours£150£200£225£250
Care Planning Awareness2 hours£200£225£250

Please note, if learners do not attend the course on the day, the full amount as stated above/in invoice is due for payment. We encourage replacements to be sent in the absence of scheduled learners.

Public Courses

Our open courses will be starting from 2021.